Vacancy s/t EP
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  • Vacancy s/t EP

Vacancy s/t EP
$3.00 - $8.00

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Formed in late 2016, Vacancy’s debut 7” provides an overview of the band’s foundational sound and vision. Taking influences from Gang of Four, Killing Joke, and The Sound, Vacancy breathes new life into the Inland Empire/High Desert DIY music scene. Starting with an ode to Víctor Jara and ending in a dysthymic search for meaning, the band’s lyrical themes blur the personal with the political. The band’s ephemeral gloom and Olsen’s haunting voice captures the first reverberations of a band driven by its surroundings.

*7" Comes with instant download

Recorded and mixed by Chung Il Kwon and Matt Pathmajeyan in September 2017 at Beware House in Anaheim, California.
Mastered in 2019 by Will Killingsworth at
Dead Air Studios.
Layout and design by Raymon Ruiz

Track Listing

  1. Last Rites
  2. Ballots Aflame
  3. Evasion
  4. Stations
  5. Dissolution
  6. Specters

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