Firestarter/Madhouse split 7"

  • Firestarter/Madhouse split 7

Firestarter/Madhouse split 7"

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Since the 70's, Los Angeles has been a place of wonder, creation, and innovation when speaking of punk, hardcore, new wave, death rock, and myriad other alternative subcultures and divergent musical manifestations. Enter the late 80's, when straight edge hardcore began to reign supreme across the California Southland. By this time, however, proper Los Angeles had fallen off the proverbial straightedge map, with a few exceptions (see Extinction Burst/Advanced Perspective's forthcoming Interlocked LP). While music continued, straight edge hardcore comprised of actual Angelinos was rare.
With great excitement we bring to you Firestarter. To us they are making history. Tracing back their genetic origins to ancestors such as Insted (What We Believe era) Firestarter can claim to be true heirs to the Los Angeles throne of Straight Edge Hardcore, a privilege only few can actually brag about.

As if that wasn't enough we present to you Madhouse. Never was a name so apropos as now. Madhouse comes to you from the Inland Empire. Many forget that California is the most populated state in the United States. Many forget that most of the population of California lies in its southern portion. When thinking about youth culture in the US we often think New York and Los Angeles, when thinking of Los Angeles we forget about the vast regions that surround this metropolis. We forget about areas such as the Inland Empire and their tremendously rich contributions to culture. Madhouse continues this legacy. Bringing you raging hardcore reminiscent of Heresy, Intense Degree, and Cryptic Slaughter. While many youth are taking their cues from the 90's, Madhouse draws inspiration from the foundational musical periods of the 80's. Fast, aggressive, and angry, Madhouse is here to break the monotony of status quo moments within subculture.
(members of Wise, Zulu and Rolex)

Without bias, this EP should be one of the best in the last two decades of American hardcore.

Track Listing

  1. Firestarter - Change
  2. Firestarter - Shame
  3. Firestarter - Lost In Time
  4. Madhouse - Agents
  5. Madhouse - Pressure Drop

Pressing Information

300 Clear
Split with Advanced Perspective