Amusement "Walk Out To Sink b/w You Will Never Hear This"

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Amusement "Walk Out To Sink b/w You Will Never Hear This"


Although only two songs, this EP's intention is simple...sit and take it all in. No skipping tracks, just flipping the record over once the song is finished. We wanted to present and capture the feeling of old punk singles and their B sides like Stiff Little Fingers "Alternative Ulster" or The Buzzcocks "Orgasm Addict". This band features members of From Ashes Rise and Deathreat but unlike the bands mentioned, AMUSEMENT leans more on fuzz driven guitars and hooks. Think Dinosaur Jr tone meets Leatherface emotion.

** Simultaneously, Council Records has released a separate EP for the band.

Amusement is:
John Massel - Drums
Stan Wright - Guitar
John Wilkerson - Vocals
Matt Farrell - Bass

Recorded by Stan Wright at Singing Sands Studios, Portland, OR
Mixed by J Robbins at Magpie Cage Baltimore, MA
Mastered by Amy Dragon
Cover Design: Michael Shepherd

Track Listing

  1. Walk Out To Sink
  2. You Will Never Hear This

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