Amusement "Dead on the Inside b/w Repentance"

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Amusement "Dead on the Inside b/w Repentance"

Portland’s AMUSEMENT features former members of FROM ASHES RISE, ARCTIC FLOWERS, and DEATHREAT playing a melodic, hook-driven style of music akin to bands like LEATHERFACE or DINOSAUR JR. Listening to the rough mixes of these tracks felt like discovering JAWBOX or HÜSKER DÜ before anyone even knew who they were. Incredibly competent songwriting that shows years of experience backed with passionate vocals that heave forth relevant lyrics that are firmly rooted in the foundations of hardcore.

This 2-song EP features Dead on the Inside b/w Repentance and will leave you wanting more…so look for the companion EP on Extinction Burst featuring two additional songs. Expect more from AMUSEMENT soon!
released November 30, 2023

Amusement is:
John Massel - Drums
Stan Wright - Guitar
John Wilkerson - Vocals
Matt Farrell - Bass

Recorded by Stan Wright at Singing Sands Studios, Portland, OR
Mixed by J Robbins at Magpie Cage Baltimore, MA
Mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room, Chicago, IL
Cover Design by Matthias Weeks

Track Listing

  1. Dead on the Inside
  2. Repentnace

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