Hatâ & Baixa Permanent "HÛ/FOSC (split) "

  • Hatâ & Baixa Permanent

Hatâ & Baixa Permanent "HÛ/FOSC (split) "


Extinction Burst is proud to release the U.S. pressing from these two heavyweights.
Hatã ("duro" in Guarani), is a hardcore punk band based in Barcelona. With members from Paraguay, Colombia and the UK, the geographical convergence in Hatã reflects distant but related influences such as the South American hardcore punk of the 80's of bands such as La Pestilencia, Sedicion or even the compilation SUB from Brazil, raw punk combined with a more compact sound of the UK scene such as The Flex or Arms Race.

Baixa Permanent is a Catalan Hardcore band based in Barcelona who have taken the early Rev catalog sound and ran with it. The result of four friends involved in the underground hardcore scene moved by the need to change things around them. They are part of LA PLAGA DIY, a collective made to help bands grow in their community. "We do our thing with the tools we get and we love to share them"

Track Listing

  1. 1 Mentiras
  2. 2 Destruye-Construye
  3. 3 Malherida
  4. 4 Marioneta
  5. 5 Refugi
  6. 6 Adictos
  7. 7 Al Marge!
  8. 8 Per Por a Canviar

Pressing Information

300 Yellow

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