Riesgo "Remolino de Muertos" LP

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Riesgo "Remolino de Muertos" LP


“Remolino de Muertos” is the debut LP from Chicago’s RIESGO. 10 tracks of dark driven punk from the South Side. Riesgo musically captures Chicagos dark, wet landscapes and uses it as a backdrop to tackle issues such as immigration, the war on drugs and the hand the U.S. has played in it. Having done time in bands like Sin Orden, these topics are nothing new to the members but here they are, still trying to get you to listen.

Carlos Ruiz: Vocals
Lucas Sikorski: Guitars
Felipe De Sousa : Drums
Arturo Fresán : Bass

Design & Layout: Arturo Fresán
Recorded with David Wolf
Mastered by Will Killingsworth
Cut for vinyl by Amy Dragon

Track Listing

  1. Causa y Effecto
  2. Separados
  3. Lobos
  4. Alerta
  5. Ratas
  6. Ahogate
  7. Bad Hombres
  8. Sacrifico
  9. Riesgo
  10. Respira

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