Jade Dust "Grey Skies" LP

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Jade Dust "Grey Skies" LP


3rd release from this Portland, OR band. 6 new songs of melodic infused hardcore. Heavenly influenced by mid 80's DC hardcore but on this offering you can hear the band honing their sound to create something you can clearly distinguish from the rest of the pack.

8-song LP available on teal or translucent orange vinyl. Also available from Council Records and GGT Records.

Rudi - vocals, guitar
Chris - guitar, vocals
Shaine - guitar
Raul - bass, vocals
James - drums
Alice Mollo played piano on Awe Of A Myth

Recorded by Stan Wright
Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden

Track Listing

  1. Cast In Shadows
  2. Forget
  3. Coldcall
  4. Only To Hide
  5. Anger Means
  6. By A Thread
  7. Awe Of A Myth
  8. What We Want Is Free

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